“A Beginner’s Guide to Hosting a Diversity Seminar Series” – SisterSTEM blog post by Mackenzie Lemieux June 19th, 2019 

A Plastic Brain and the Malleability of Bias” – Hello Bio blog post by Mackenzie Lemieux July 29th, 2019

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STEM Advocacy Institute – Nanochat Series Interview about SAID in STEM

SAID in STEM Nanochat


“SAID in STEM Diversity Seminar Series” – American Association for Women in Science and Medicine, Tulane University April 2019

AAWSM Conference SAID in STEM

Inspirations for SAID in STEM

Farah Qaiser is a molecular geneticist at the University of Toronto and a fervent advocate for diversity in STEM. Check Farah Qaiser’s podcast on Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon’s as well as her website for more information about her work.

Farah Qaiser

Chika Stacey Oriuwa is a medical student at the University of Toronto. She describes her experiences of intersectionality, as the only black female medical student in a class of 259. Check out her incredible spoken word poem in FLARE.

Chika Stacy

Dr. Ben Barres was a fervent advocate for women in STEM and a pioneering neuroimmunologist studying glial cells. Ben continues to be one of the most incredible role models for young scientists, inspiring them to do what they love, find the right mentor, and speak up when circumstances are unjust. Everyone should read his Nature article “Does Gender Matter” to understand why a prevailing notion that innate differences in male and female ability do not underly the dearth of women in STEM.


Grant Funding

If you want to start your own seminar series or host a Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon, below are a few links to grant funding you can apply for!