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SAID in STEM will be co-hosting a Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. What is a Wikipeda Edit-A-Thon? Join us on Saturday September 7th 2019 from 8:15am-1pm to find out! Or read below…

There currently exists a dearth of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields. Further, women working in these fields are not being recognized for their contributions, achievements, and discoveries. Only 17.7% of the English Wikipedia biographies belong to women due to a systemic bias in the presentation of women’s achievements. BUT this number has increased by 2.7% in the past 5 years largely due to Wikipedia Edit-A-Thons – events which aim to create and edit Wikipedia pages for notable women. These efforts increase the number of female role models for aspiring STEM trainees and highlighting the well deserved achievements of women begins to change the systemic bias that STEM-is-male. To learn more about Wikipedia Edit-A-Thons, check out Farah Qaiser’s post on SisterSTEM.

The Salk Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon will focus on editing and creating pages for notable women in STEM. The event will begin with keynote speaker, Dr. Pamela Cosman professor of Computer Science at UCSD. She will be discussing the history of women in science in addition to her research on interruptions and introductions during faculty recruiting for male versus female applicants. Afterwards, we will bring in Wikipedia experts to teach the group how to create and edit Wikipedia pages. This lesson will be followed with food, drinks, and dedicated time to create and edit Wikipedia pages for notable women in STEM. Our collaborators include San Diego Science Writer’s Association and 500 Women Scientists San Diego Pod.

For more information about the Edit-A-Thon check out this link to sign up. Also, PLEASE sign up for your own Wikipedia account ahead of time!

Salk Institute Seminar Series

SAID in STEM will be co-organizing a 4-part seminar series at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies to highlight the stories of diverse scientists that pave the way for a more inclusive STEM community.



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Dr. Kay Tye, Mackenzie, and Rozzeta at SAID in STEM